Hello world!

My name is Anay. I am a High School student at The Athenian School in California. I have a passion for coding and robotics.

This site is a collection of various techy things that I do.


In August 2022, I have joined as a High School Intern @ Araali Networks More to come!

Python conferences

Checkout my 2022 PyOhio talk

I have been attending PyCon since 2017. I missed 2020 due to the pandemic but I did present virtually ( while recovering from appedicitis in hospital!!) on May 16th, 2021. PyCon poster session presented on hublio. Viewed by 20+ visitors

I also got an oppotunity to present this submission as a talk in PyOhio 2021 PyOhio lightning talk - Creating and Teaching Games in Python to teach Artificial Intelligence Concepts to 6-12 graders

I have presented posters in PyCon 2018 and 2019. It is great fun and a nice way to meet other people interested in the same things as you are! Thank you PyCon for providing me financial aid each year to attend and present!

Other presentations



  • Currently I am working on the EatRight app I have made an application that can recommend food to any user but with a twist: In my app, the most unique function is that the app personalizes the dataset for each user!
  • I blogged about Linear Regression that I learnt last year
  • Python with AI class
    • Presentation video: https://youtu.be/QMoUwgl0cDk
    • Code available here: https://aiclub.world/projects/62d094b2-4ca3-4e9b-ba68-38903b2873af?tab=info
  • AI Advanced Class


Code Projects

I have been learning some languages such as Python and Java.

Python projects


For the past 4 years, I have taken Artificial Intelligence classes at https://aiclub.world/. AI is a buzz word - It is an exciting yet daunting subject. My instructor made these classes fun and less daunting by using real world examples and games. I got so inspired, I started understanding and writing neural networks in Python in no time. Since 2020, I work as an intern in AIClub and I try to create the same experience for my 6-12 grade students.

Current Classes


  • Intern at AI Club
  • Started Make-A-Bot robotics classes with Grade 1 students.

Outreach & Teaching

I started as a teaching assistant to my Mom in 7th grade (2018). My mother is a mentor and advisor to High School kids in Fremont as part of non-profit, https://www.fremontstem.org/ and founder of volunteer organisation Pykids. She leads summer workshops to introduce children to technology and maker projects.

I took my cue from her and have participated as a Teaching Assistant in fremontstem and pykids since 6th grade. I have helped students with setting up their computers with Python and then assisting them during the class. Our classes were covered in the Connected Science article in 2018

In 2018 and 2019, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in ASDRP High School summer projects. We worked on fun projects such as creating DIY Christmas ornaments and EV3 robots.

I have presented these teaching experiences at PyCon as mentioned above.

Since 2020, I have started doing Robotics and AI outreach - for details see below.

AI Outreach & Teaching

I am a volunteer teacher and I teach AI concepts to students in 6th - 12th grade through AI Club. When I create a course, I think of how to include AI concepts in games. I write games utilizing libraries like turtle and pygame. I consult with my instructor and they help review my courses.

Here are some examples of my curriculum:

Robotics Outreach & Teaching

I have been learning Robotics since Kindergarden. I started with Lego Robotics and then went on to work on EV3. Then in 2018, my schoolmates and I created a team called Ninjabots and we entered into our first competition. Since then we have competed every year. Our team website is available here https://ninjabotsfll.wixsite.com/ninjabots

I am the Head of the Programming, and assists the Mechanical Team if needed Ninjabots team I also particpate in Athenian Robotics Club and in the FRC competitions.


Here is the link to the Ninjabots Repository.

2021 onwards Ninjabots started mentoring and coaching for rookie First teams.


I founded and launched “Makeabot LLC” https://make-a-bot.wixsite.com/make-a-bot to teach Wedo and Lego robotics classes in summer 2021. My plan is to continue this venture in 2022

  • Post the success of the FLL summer camps, Makeabot got hired to mentor two teams (FLL , FLL Junior) for 2021-22 season.
  • I managed the service agreement, curriculum, finances and coordinated rotations with my team. The profits (~2000 USD) from this job went into funding our FTC partcipation costs!.
  • You can read about our mentoring experience here

Junior First coaching

  • In Jan and Feb 2020 , I mentored a Junior Lego team ( K-2) for the Google “Boomtown Build Challenge”. I wrote about it here
  • Then in summer 2020, I conducted a camp in which students (3-6 grades) learnt about robotics and how to participate in First lego league!
    • I adverstised this camp on hangouts on local Nextdoor. The flyer is available here
    • Here is a video of my first class of teaching students!